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2020 took us on a wild ride but at least we had social media to help us get through it. Ah, the old days of dalgona coffee, Binod, rasode me kon tha and the only acceptable hmm is Lucky Ali’s. And every social media marketing agency in Ahmedabad was in it. Did we keep thinking it will all turn back to normal?

Can’t say anything about that but we know social media trends are going to stay. 2021 started with pawri ho rahi hai and Indira Nagar ka gunda hu main. With the second Covid wave, social media marketing in Ahmedabad is bringing their best foot to stay in trend. Check out the top 6 social media trends of 2021!

Social Media Trends: 6 Essentials Points Need To Know Nowadays


1. Ambush Marketing

Advertisements are evolving, no doubt about it. The new form is now ambushing. These ads simply take users by surprise, pleasant or not, we leave that up to the viewers. Cred did it splendidly with Rahul Dravid.

2. Social Media Shopping

Not going to lie, the pandemic seriously pushed the social media usage 10x more. And if we can get social media and e-commerce in one place, why not? Instagram shops and Facebook marketplace are already blooming!

3. Video Content is New Queen

8 seconds is all you need to catch your eyes on social platforms. Let’s not forget it is a highly engaging form of content. And it’s faster than just reading about something! The shorter, the better. There’s a reason why Tiktok, Reels are taking the world by storm.

4. And Meme is the King

We grew up with Santa Banta jokes and now we have memes. Comedy content but with visuals. And so powerful that now there’s a whole meme marketing way of things. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

5. Influencer’s Influence

When the world saw Virushka in Manyawar ads, it went gaga. We read reviews left by strangers on Amazon before we order. So it’s natural how brands have gone from brand ambassadors to influencers for leaving a good word of mouth and gaining confidence.

6. Stories via Stories

Again, 8 seconds. So we now have content that disappears in 24 hours – Ephemeral Content. Let’s not forget how everyone is tired of scrolling, so we’d rather tap. Stories are engaged, they can be boosted and they are quicker than videos!

We summed up these 6 trends that are gaining momentum on most of the social platforms. And since we have to be in the game all the time, Digital Friend is the perfect player you need in your team. Got a project? Drop us a call!

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