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Seldom we find 24 hours a day enough. With the world zooming by so fast, it becomes essential to keep up with the pace. The birth of Artificial Intelligence made it all easy. The idea of having super-smart software and tools performing tasks without anyone’s help saves a lot of resources. Especially for businesses. 


As a budding artificial intelligence company in India, we believe using AI in your marketing strategies is the recipe in today’s world. Here are the basic artificial intelligence benefits to be kept in mind while we are in the middle of the AI revolution. 

4 Useful Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence


ai benefits  

1. Smart Advertising on Social Media

Digital advertising is game-changing, something that keeps every brand on its toes. With AI, your advertising campaigns are not only powerful but efficient as well. Not only you can focus on other aspects of your business, your advert is now smart enough to reach out to potential customers. AI reaches your potential customer simply based on data available to it. Upscaling your social media marketing game with AI is a clever move. 


2. A Marketer’s Trick: Personalisation

Over 45% of customers switch to other brands because there is a lack of personal touch. AI helps you with spot-on customization and it is in itself a mighty customer retention strategy. Remember how you stumbled upon an ad for shoes when you’ve just looked up shoes around me on google? That’s AI and Big Data. Such AI-based software will help you streamline your growth even through down lows. AI can schedule and send personalized automated emails for offers, birthdays, happy holidays, and everything. It’s all about making customers feel like valuable assets to your growth. 


3. Happy Shopping

A trending thing in shopping is Computer-Generated Imaginary (CGI), which helps customers with a real-life experience, with the look and feel of a product directly from their screens. How would furniture look in different colors in your actual living room is CGI magic. This branch of AI has improved online shopping by 45%. Another branch of AI is Augmented Reality (AR), which is again changing the way we shop online. Customers can try outfits, glasses, jewelry sitting at home. Can AI get more awesome?


4. Chatbots for Websites

If your website is your online store, then AI chatbots are the perfect salesmen! Add an AI bot that can talk to website visitors, because customers appreciate 24/7 service. A quick response is a way to increase sales. An AI Chatbot can be programmed with basic questions you think your customers can have. Let’s not forget it will save you a lot of time from the same questions, the same time which can be invested elsewhere in your business. It’s all about time, isn’t it?

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